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Why do we yawn?

We yawn because evolution has taught our brains that sticking something in our mouths is generally the best way to alleviate the monotony of existence. In the act of yawning, … Continue reading

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Why is my internet so slow?

The internet is a capricious beast. Sometimes it runs hot – other times it will be colder than a witch’s teat on a particularly breezy day in the midst of … Continue reading

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When is the end of the world?

A lot has been made of this ol’ chestnut recently,  a certain amount of concern and anxiety, for which principle fault lies with those cunts, the Mayans. There’s a least one salient point … Continue reading

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Why is the sky blue?

A popular question – but one, frankly, that troubles us for a number of reasons. Here’s why. Firstly, there are lot of so-called “scientific” explanations for what’s going on here. Be … Continue reading

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How do I live without you?

There are only two reasons why you would feel compelled to type “How do I live without you?” into Google: a)    You have terrible taste in music; or b)    It’s … Continue reading

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It begins: the Shlunk odyssey

What is “Shlunk”? Right now, it is a shout in the dark. A beacon for the weary and the confused – a force to which the tide of humanity can support … Continue reading

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