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It begins: the Shlunk odyssey

What is ShlunkWhat is “Shlunk”?

Right now, it is a shout in the dark. A beacon for the weary and the confused – a force to which the tide of humanity can support itself on the lonely march through the maelstrom of the 21st century.

A call to arms in a time when our hearts and minds – and sundry soft, wobbly bits – have copped a lot of flack from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Not that we’re a particularly violent or aggressive bunch, we hasten to add. Oh no. We’re quite nice actually.

True, we might get a little peevish when the weather’s bad. It’s the humidity – especially – that does it to me. I sweat a lot and that makes me rather prone to rashes and people getting in my face and saying things like “do you need a towel?”

Monday’s are fairly terrible from that point of view as well.

I have to admit I had an absolute shocker last Monday. I had a hangover because I find it difficult to deal with the essential futility of a Sunday evening.

I spend Sunday evenings mired in the certainty the next day will be coldly, irrefutably a Monday. I also know I will have a hangover. The only way to deal with this dreadful prospect is by drinking a bottle and a half of Bin Ends.

These are some of the inescapable truths of our existence.

Which brings us neatly back to Shlunk.

Shlunk will be a repository of information for dealing with all of life’s Mondays. It will be the first – and last – place you look for solace when you’re hankering for that answer that remains teeth-grindingly elusive. Those questions that have kept us awake at night since the beginning of time. Those nutty ones about ominiscient super-beings, the origins of life in the Eastern Suburbs, and the latest developments to the LBW law.

Your guides in this journey will be the esteemed representatives Louise Carter and Richie Black.

Richie and Lou

Holy fools, zealots in the name of truth, we will be both your humble servants and divine inspiration. We don’t seek any reward beyond your gratitude of the undying variety (and free drinks).

We look forward to you joining us on this trip.


One comment on “It begins: the Shlunk odyssey

  1. dan brown
    March 18, 2013

    Hello there, scanning the web today as i often do, came across your page, tickled me, don’t know if it would be of any interest to you, but i run a record label wiht the same name as your page…best of luck & kind regards D..

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